Adding to the rich tradition of crime books the REVENGE series of graphic novels delves deep into the dark heart of a city that few ever see. While you sleep faceless women stalk the streets thirsting for bloody retribution, organ thieves lurk in the shadows waiting to take their next victim into a make-shift operating room and lovers nervously plot each others demise. Written and illustrated by Maz, the REVENGE series will drag the reader screaming down a dark alley, never to return the same. What happens when the city sleeps? Come with us and find out...


My Work

Maz is responsible for the concept and execution of his own graphic novel entitled PLAIN JANE; a beautifully cruel revenge story that allows the author’s penchant for justice to shine through in a startling, tragic way. Maz also originated and drew the animation characters included in the documentary PROCEED AND BE BOLD that showcased the life and a art of print maker.

Current and Future Projects

Sports Chat Place

Maz is currently working with Mitch Wilson of in producing logos and animation to brand a new image for the site. If you are interested in concept art, logos, and animation for your website, contact Maz directly. Check out the Sports Chat Place portfolio here!


Maz’s recent project is an animated television series called WANNABEEZ. Wannabeez takes place in a Japanese themed, Chicago based, luxury hotel THE WATANABE! WANNABEEZ is an episodic animated comedy in the vein of television shows like TAXI, CHEERS, RENO 911 and IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA! Filled with a cast of characters only a luxury hotel could contain, WANNABEEZ focuses on the inept Security Staff that has you feeling anything but secure. Check out the WANNABEEZ sizzle reel here!

Pound of Flesh

Taking place in the same universe as Plain Jane, Pound of Flesh is the next graphic novel by Maz. A hybrid of real crime and horror, Pound of Flesh follows the exploits of a low level "delivery boy" hired by black market organ thieves to deliver a human heart across the city. Illustrated fully through the perspective of the delivery boy, the book attempts to tell a lurid tale of betrayal and revenge in real time. The first person POV narrative will give the reader a sense of walking in the shoes of a human monster. Vampires and zombies have nothing on this real life blood thirsty night stalker.


Night shift security is not working out for ex-con Alden Carr, but beggars can't be choosers. He had to get his Ivy League pal to pull quite a few strings to get him the gig. Alden had the world by the throat. Steps away from the throne that looked over the city and then it all came crashing down... These are the thoughts running through Alden's head, as he smokes a cheap cigarette in a frozen, grungy alley, as a monster from another planet angrily crawls out of a sewer and an alien force is transferred to him, that will change his life and purpose forever. Still... the throne, awaits...

The Sci-Fi/Action Noir ARMED is the 3rd planned graphic novel under the REVENGE banner.   

Machine 27

Mortimer Rathman wants his bitter, spiteful wife dead... Or at least he thought he did. MACHINE 27 tells a cautionary tale of what happens when you shake the devil’s hand and then tell him you were only joking. The planned fourth graphic novel title under the REVENGE banner, MACHINE 27 takes an ordinary man through a Hell on Earth, as he is lured into the dark, unforgiving wilderness by a psychopath who is bent on taking everything from him.


Leo Barrot is coming home... To a twin sister changed from years of abuse, to a wretched beast of a father who banished him and to a mother who fell to her death under mysterious circumstances. Lea is not so defenseless as she seems. Crafting a plot of vengeance laced with voodoo poison and black magic the twin siblings murder their father, only to have him rise up from the family plot. There’s only one answer to the problem... kill him again and again and again!

ROT is a horror screenplay in the vein of classic horror comics that first introduced the “undead” to the world.

Inspector 17

One roll changed the course of Felix Kacinsky’s  life... One roll destroyed his comeback from drugs and alcohol... One roll of toilet paper, carelessly over glued at the seam by INSPECTOR 17. Felix loses his job after being late to work from trying to unravel the roll. Now there’s nothing left for Felix but revenge! He’ll journey across the borders of Mexico, evade crooked Federales, hard-ass State Troopers and scorned lovers just to get his hands on the throat of INSPECTOR 17!

Inspector 17 is a comedy screenplay that updates the classic road pic with “no holds barred” insanity.



“Much like The CROW and KABUKI before it, PLAIN JANE is a moody bit of revenge fiction, not for the faint of heart. An incredibly effective book when it comes to conveying emotions such as dread , sadness and outrage” – Ain’t it Cool News

“Four Stars... Jane is dark and nasty... Brutal and heartbreaking...” – GROVEL (U.K Press)

“Visually striking... Maz puts the graphic in graphic novel. An inventive use of lettering with a show of creativity not seen since Dave Sim’s CEREBUS.” – Film & Comic Fodder

Mazen Hasan is the owner and creator of all materials associated with Revenge Comics. was created by Noah Turley.
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